Sherri Linn is a singer-songwriter from Portsmouth, VA. She has been performing professionally since 2009 and is working on her debut, all original album to be released in 2020. Sherri has performed in venues from Avon, NC to Baltimore, MD and is currently a member of six bands based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia including: Fixity, Last Fair Deal, Roosterfoot, Bernie & The Jets, Stone Hill Carvers, and Fuzzity. 



Fixity is an acoustic Americana duo featuring Bernie Lee and Sherri Linn that morphs into a trio, quartet and full band from time to time with other local musicians sitting in. They play covers and original music from various genres including country folk, blues, rock n roll, bluegrass, 60s/70s, singer-songwriter, folk and mountain music. Click here for Fixity’s song list. For more information including recent videos, please visit Fixity’s Facebook page.



Last Fair Deal is Hampton Roads' premiere seven-piece Grateful Dead tribute band based in Virginia Beach, VA. Other members include Kyle Folsom, Patrick Higgins, Rob Lord, David Perkins, James Dale, and Tim Dunkum. For more informatoin, please visit the Last Fair Deal Facebook page and the Last Fair Deal website.



Roosterfoot is an original band bringing a blend of soulful rock, country, blues and gospel led by Seth Stainback. Other members include Jason Bruner, Larry Berwald, Jesse Chong, Steven Yewcic and Maggie DeLaura. More on Roosterfoot.



Bernie & The Jets is a conglomeration of Hampton Roads musicians brought together on special occasions for a wild ride! They play an eclectic mix of covers starting from the 70s and into today. Other members include Bernie Lee, Jason Bruner, Jesse Chong, Kyle Folsom, James Dale and Rob Lord. More on Bernie & The Jets.



Formed in 2019, Stone Hill Carvers is an acoustic trio featuring rootsy covers and originals in the realm of old style country, bluegrass and blues. Other members include Seth Stainback and Ben Lassiter. More on Stone Hill Carvers.



Fuzzity is a newly formed acoustic quartet with members of Fixity (Sherri Linn and Bernie Lee) and The Electric Fuzz Band (Jay Morgan and Ryan Russell). They have come together to perform originals and covers from both bands, and their combined style is one to please.